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Code of Conduct

The MEDEC Code of Conduct:
Ensuring ethical interactions with healthcare professionals

Why does MEDEC have a Code of Conduct?

MEDEC (Canada’s Medical Device Technology Companies) is dedicated to advancing healthcare by delivering innovative technologies and devices. Because the relationships between MEDEC’s Members (“Members”) and healthcare professionals are so important, they must be guided by the highest ethical standards.

For this reason, MEDEC Members have designed and adopted a Code of Conduct to promote ethical business practices and socially responsible industry conduct to govern their interactions with healthcare professionals.

MEDEC’s voluntary Code of Conduct was adopted January 1, 2005, revised/restated April 2010, October 2012, and April 2015 to guide interactions between healthcare professionals and Members.

Members only, for further Code of Conduct resources click here.

To view the list of "Code Certified" Member companies click here.

Code of Conduct training is now available online through Humber College. Click HERE for more information and to register.

Code of Conduct


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